Words and Music by Steven Curtis Chapman

 A Father's Total Faith, Accepted By Her As Absolute Truth, Truly Past Any Human Thought That It Is More There Than Here

All Songs Words and Music by Charlie Solak © 1963-2018

All Rights Reserved


Shady Rosy

Is There Tomorrow

Dancing Before The Lord

In Between The Lines

Mine Eyes Once Saw The Glory

Biggie's Gone Away

Can We Replace


You Can Have This World And Eat It Too

Too Vegas

The Big Feel

Past Calls Out Do You Believe Me

Dance, Crazy Lady

Are We Back There In High School

Chariot Ride Sans Dialectus


Jury Rig


Gross National


Are We Like This

A Song At The Mess


In Between the Lines



A Glance For Now

Go Noah

Words And Music By John Fuller (1951-2015)

 Writer of Words and Music, theatrical production with his Wife of 19 years, very few were privileged to hear

 “The Lord’s Waltz”

 John & Barbara (Bobbie) Fuller


"Son, I've come to take you home."

Solak © 1963 ~ 2018