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The Truth Will Set You Free

Forgive the typos and context of this document, I am still so hung how I can not figure out Dennis Muracco and how his mind works, absolutely the strangest, non loving, unkind, caring nothing about anyone else, using me to commit fraud with my good credit and walk away without a care in the world. Dennis Muraccco Quote of the century, I never inteded to pay back any of my debt I used on his credit cards. Just a plain Wow, usually I can get, this guy is far beyond the worst in the world ever born, how does anyone get to be like that.

Soon it will be error free to show what sill lies ahead, thank you for your patience.

I remember how beautiful our country once was and take a moment of silence to remember one day, special to me of which there were so many.

These individuals and companies will be responsible for Dennis Muracco’s debt as well and I would stop doing business with him although most of it was taken from ATM’s and point of purchase machines.

Steve Musto, 1253.54, Global Trading Unlimited, 5000.00, Global Furniture USA, 626.70, Rite Aid, - Store 7878, 16.00, Mainline World Furniture, 4578.00, Lowe’s, 252.95, Tim Horton’s, 914296, 1.52, Sheetz, 00003632,17.58, ExxonMobil 47764311, 9.52, Sheetz, 00003632,17.58, McDonald’s F2048, 19.23, HR Block Retail, 59.00, Sheetz, 00003434, 31.07, New York & CO, 153, 250.00, Comcast Three DM 1X, 789.00, Zoro Tools Inc., 110.36, All point of purchase for owner Dennis Muracco in cash, Courtnie’s, 0965, 7743, 500.00, Courtnie’s, 0957, 500.00, /Courtnie's, 0973, 7743, 652.84, Courtnie’s, 1005, 7743, 859.64, Courtnie’s, 1013, 7743, 1478.32, Courtnie’s, 0981, 7743, 1745.01, Courtnie’s, 0999, 7743, 2200.00, thousands more transactions to go, it’s tough doing five banks work.

However, the class action suits all 11 federal government Institutions will face from people they have tortured along with their ilk will go on as long as a dollar bill is in circulation.​ The number of class action suits will go on forever and a day, all because they ticked me off and did not do their due diligence. Coupled with the fact they are under extreme pressure from above to quell this whole situation with Dennis Muracco who couldn’t see another fraud like this and he will have to do his own time, lose his license with no one to blame but himself.

​​​​The eight banks and three reporting agencies have a total of 11 million in insurance on me in case they harmed me. This was taken out without my permission or signature. With the added fact I have never asked, begged or applied for any credit through the USPS, in person or by any other means. I have demanded subrogation. A signed certified subrogation certificate which is in my name to protect eight banks and three reporting agencies whom harming me. Those are the exact words of the law.

​In addition, Chase bank phoned in a false police report to the Johnson City Police Department, broke my order specifically in a certified letter not to call. Then, who appears on my door step, one gigantic cop and one other standing on my lawn, trying to kill me with mean looks, naming Chase Financial Services directly breaking federal HIPPA Laws. Chase Financial Services as the entity responsible for breaking HIPPA Laws in the worst way imaginable.

Chase CEO 1.2 billionaire. Question wtf does anyone need more money than will so far outlive him, yeh, Jaimie, that’s you, where is the sense you claim to leading with. I doubt in the entire world financial system will last more than a year. I will certainly tried and bring it down as hard as I can, American Express Blue for Business, owes me 1 million, an insurance policy in my name and you must sign a certified subjugation, the Judge is going to make you do it anyway. I am bringing Jamie Dimon to Small Claims Court in Binghamton, NY. Principle can appear only no lawyer, no substitute, just you Jaime Dimon for holding $160. as ransom for Dennis Muracco’s debt to Chase, plus breaking HIPPA Laws with one, a false police report, tow cops on my lawn and porch, saying and naming Chase said some very nasty things about me, two, a call identified ny Medicaid received by Chase named as the caller, made up report falsely filed by Chase Bank named by Medicaid. Cascaded into Adult Protection Services also a false report with two old ladies wanting to come into my home so no one will ever hurt me again. What am I, three years old, also named Chase as the filing the report. The last two are federal charges, NYS state will turn it over to HIPPA, BAD !

Jamie Dimon - CEO of Chase Bank - quote of the day. Bearing in mind wow, send me a money order for overpayment one credit card 4266841393514128 pin 580 or will that kill the bottom line on your 1.2 or 1.5 billion dollars.

“Great management is disciplined and rigorous. Facts, analysis, detail … facts, analysis, detail … repeat. You can never do enough, and it does not end,” Dimon says. “Complex activity requires hard work and not guessing. Test, test, test and learn, learn, learn. And accept failure as a ‘normal’ recurring outcome.” Yet, he can’t order one of his service to act on the criminal activity, ID Theft and Fraud by Dennis Muracco. I don’t thing so Jamie, the two don’t go together, at all.

Complete Info On the stupid quote of the day by Jamie Dimon. Out of touch are we. By the way, Small Claims is backed up so dress warm, it gets really cold in Broome County.

​​​​​​Two days later, Chase Financial Services called in a false report to Medicaid on the federal level named by two ladies from Adult Protective Services, on the Federal level, names Chase Financial Services as the perpetrator of this act. They wanted to come in my home so no one will ever hurt me again. Good luck on that one. Have you seen the size of me lately. I am fine, no one can beat on me and Chase Bank committed at least two instances of multiple felonies plus add on’s.

​​​​​​Law Firms will be given an email address to contact me by. Dennis Muracco has a bad habit of thinking he is smart by spoofing numbers, recording phone calls, called wiretapping in PA plus loves impersonating others. ​​


As this goes on and on I hope for one thing. That some will pull themselves from the fire. You can not do it yourself but I know someone who can. We hit over 250 people employed by American Express Blue for Business, CEO Stephen Squeeri, Bank of America CEO, Brian Moynihan, Chase Financial Services, CEO Jeff Dimon, how do you honestly make 1.5 billion dollars without breaking the law, Discover Financial Services, CEO Roger Hochschild, Synchrony Bank CEO, Margaret Keane.

This debt is solely owned by Dennis Muracco. By signed contract. Voicemail and Texts - Amount - $772,000.

AMEX PO BOX 297871 FORT LAUDERDALE FL, 33329 8008742717Stephen Squeri - CEO

BANK OF AMERICA PO BOX 982238 EL PASO TX, 79998 8004212110 - Brian Moynihan - CEO

CAPITAL-ONE PO BOX 30253 SALT LAKE CITY UT, 84130 8009471000 - Richard Fairbanks - CEO

DISCOVER FIN SVCS LLC PO BOX 15316 WILMINGTON DE, 19850 8003472683 - David Nelms - CEO

SYNCB/LOWES PO BOX 965005 ORLANDO FL, 32896 8004441408 - Margaret Keane - CEO

I have filed a police report, I have filed an FTC Claim, a Consumer Fraud Complaint, all other complaints on line I could find. The relationship between my problem, the plaintiff, putting a fraud and identity thief on a golden platter is looked on as a perpetrator.

Dennis Muracco chose the wrong person to steal from. Yup, I fell for the gypsy scam and the only real rule I had but two weeks later, I gave him to you on a golden platter with everything you needed on paper the charge him. You didn’t even bother. You had a secretary copy a form letter. Wrong person to do that to. You can thank Dennis Muracco for the banks collapsing next year.

“A Bank has the Fiduciary responsibility to report to a “law enforcement agency,” a suspicious act. This is not a state of federal law but when it isn’t done, in this case, one year ago, it becomes a federal crime. This is a Homeland Security issue and they will deal with that part. Think of it like not reporting a $5000. cash transaction that an individual just finished in your bank before making that person sign all federal paperwork. I hope every one involved understands this, if you don’t, just think about it for a few minutes.

Chase Financial Services you broke HIPPA Laws. These laws have teeth. It will be up to the Federal Government to deal with Chase who broke those laws not once but three times. Filing a false police report, filing a false federal report with Medicaid, a federal offense, file a false report with Adult Protection Services, a federal agency, who sent two old ladies to my door and wanted to come in. Huh? Let us in and we will make sure that no one hurts you again. Federal offense.

 American Express, Bank of America, Chase, Discover, Synchrony Bank, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, someone is going to have to pay for “the harm” done to me most egregiously. Not a file clerk in a mail but the CEO or closest thing to it on down. I don’t understand laying down and letting anyone walk over me. I will keep coming until Jesus calls me home. 

On the date of 09-12-2019, no one on the planet can use my data for any purpose whatsoever. It is data. You have no legal right to collect, store or sell it. From this point on, I don’t have to go to court and hire a lawyer to get you to stop. You will stop this second. If I see fit to sell my data I will, if I don’t and find my data anywhere it will be dealt with. No one on the planet has enough money collectively to pay the debt I am owed for the harm caused me. The insurance policies are in place, in my name. You will have to sign a certified subjugation at a time in the future so why let it get to - Modern Day David vs Goliath Happens Again. He walked out of court with 11 million dollars in cash paid by each CEO, taxes taken out this morning. The hearing lasted when a demand was made by the now plaintiff who simply made a motion that a signed certified subrogation to satisfy “harm” done to him by five major banks and three credit reporting agencies. The judge also told the principles that he will decide how much more the now defendants owe the now plaintiff in damages. - New York Times

The largest bank in the world sent me a long letter in how they lost all my data but it was no big deal, nothing was really lost. Capital One, you are the 56th Corporation to lose my data which you should not have to begin with. You are not a law enforcement agency. You are not even the lowest person in this illegal operation, a gum shoe detective. Yet, you will cry, mommy, mommy when something happens to you. Well, you have ticked me off. You are making trillions off the poor and middle class, an end in coming. These are not to be considered threats. I have collected options and I like that. No one gets hurt but they get legally decimated.

American Express Blue for Business Fraud has failed it’s lawful responsibilities, written by them, in a section called Rules and Regulations. These mean nothing. Unless you employ the entirely of congress, rules and regulations can make life difficult for those who may be to weak to fight back but you have chosen the one person that isn’t. These complicated rules are changed all the time at any time they feel the need and therefore are not legally binding. These are used by so called “reporting agencies” which have no legal power, are not law enforcers, have no authority in the judicial system and are just LLC’s with veils that can be pierced by the judicial system. These “rules and regulations” are not legal and bear no significance in the United States of America and are merely suggestions. Experian repeat above, TransUnion, repeat above.

All these business’s have no legal authority anywhere on the planet. They are just LLC’s, just newspapers a person reads and throws away. They are of no legal value at all and just a plain company screwing the American Citizen for way too long. They are not necessary and are there to collect and give everyone a rating, called a FICO which is a made up random number of no value and means nothing. It is just a way to let all banks make arbitrary decisions. They will be there until there is no more work. All executives and CEO’s will have to work for a living from now on. There are no luft balloons to take home and you will be fortunate to be able to rent a three bedroom apartment.

American Express Blue for Business was paid in full for fraud and identity theft perpetrated by Dennis Muracco, 109 Country Club Ln, Scotts Township, PA. I knew Dennis Muracco was a common thief two weeks in. I got the irrevocable cash back to American Express. After that point your business is with Dennis Muracco.

 A 911 police report was filed and recorded by the emergency system automatically. A complaint was filed with the FTC. A report was filed with the Consumer Fraud Protection Bureau. All credit cards associated with American Express Blue for Business Fraud Department, Bank of America Fraud Department, Chase / Slate Fraud Department, Discover Financial Services Fraud Department, Lowe’s / Synchrony Fraud Department received the same certified letter delivered by the United States Postal Service telling them to cease and desist all activities, denying any multiple ATM withdrawals, Point of Purchase withdrawals fraud, identity theft, purchases from wholesale furniture, mattress, outdoor web and plastics, gold, illegal hand guns, using Dennis Muracco’s friend’s in business like Steve Pronko to run credit cards through their point of purchase machines, obtaining cash using the oldest scam in the books, the straw purchase.

“Our” investigation took us to dead ends and alley ways. Experian has 15.000 employees. It is traded publicly on the London Stock Exchange, EXPN

Equifax, about 7000 employees, based in Atlanta, GA, publicly traded on NYSE. It’s owners are anyone that hold a share of their stock.

TransUnion is a privately held company, based in Chicago, IL They are owned by the Mornmon Group controlled by Jay Pritzker. 

All this self aggrandizement was too much for us to even take seriously. We have withdrawn there invitations and in so doing all funds due now. All entities will provide me a signed certified subrogation is a real court, where a judge will tell you the same thing, We can go no further until the point of subrogation is certified.


​​​If the profiles don’t fit you must quit.

Profile 1: One is conservative, living within my means, debts paid on time, never missed, never late, often early, no interest ever paid, as per Equifax, for 28 years which continues to present, on all cards that are mine, with an former 850 FICO score. That score brought down by the illegal activities of Dennis Muracco to 703.

Profile 2: Owned by Dennis Muracco are credit cards used fraudulently and identity theft, see below, a host of other laws mentioned throughout, all credit cards over limit, maxed out, little or no payment made, often missed, always late. With his card canceled and the entire account closed. All bank personnel who knew this and computers programmed to flag suspicious activity did not raise a single red flag. Dennis Muracco in writing and a voicemail and email said from the beginning he had no intent to pay.

American Express Blue for Business, American Express Personal, Hilton HHonors by American Express, Chase Financial Services, Discover Financial Services, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion needs to produce by a first hand witness from 28 years ago, who is able to take the stand and attest under the penalty of perjury that what he/she is about to say is the truth and nothing but the truth. 

Even if you could find a person living, with first hand knowledge, there is no signature.  I would never signed a contract for credit cards under any circumstances. All cards sent to me were never applied for nor does a contract exist where I would sign for any unsecured money.

The defendants problem is they can produce no person that would be willing to testify in court that I signed a contract to obtain unsecured credit in the form of credit cards. I would never nor have ever done that.

It was the free will of each said entity who decided as a board of directors, it was a good idea to either distribute credit cards on a college campus with nothing more that a signature or in my case, send me live, activated credit cards up to $30,500 by USPS, never applied for, never solicited, never signed for, never begged for and most of all no need of to have, unsecured, activated, live credit cards to use as I please with nothing backing the card neither home, car, possessions, my hole with a maker, food, water, work, absolutely no conditions I would ever agree to put anyone in jeopardy for any reason. Some people would do that, other would not let the thought enter their mind. You happened to chose the wrong person to spit on. The wrong person who you think is scared by a pice of paper with black ink using old English words and text. The wrong person who will not answer this paper the same day, the wrong person who you think will not appear in court on said date and time. The wrong person who will also call the court in question, are what they require of me, double check the time and date of appearance not once but three of more times. The wrong person who was brought up in the way he should go by a proper loving Mother whose Saviour was Jesus Christ who I followed and accepted who is the same Jesus Christ that was, is and always will be.

You as eleven different have a problem. First, it is not possible to get two or more people to agree on anything yet, eight banks and three reporting agencies are agreeing across the board not to do anything. That to me is a suspicious act which has been reported to Homeland Security.

Second, you have no protection under the laws of this country, one of which I am proud to have President Trump the leader of and who will win in 2020 and so on and son on and so on.

The third problem You have closed not to operate under the laws of this country. If you had, many of your executives would sill be in jail today, in Federal Prison, maybe finishing out the rest of their terms, maybe, dead or dying, maybe suffering from acute dementia because the banking and reporting industry decided it would be better served and operated under a set of Rules and Regulations.

Since they are not backed up by any laws I know of except fraud which all of the lotion 11seem to be unilaterally not doing one thing. They were provided a Police Report from Scotts Township, PA. Provided with the number of the FTC complaint. Provided the number of the Consumer Protection Bureau. The statement and complaint to the IRS for absolute inappropriate behavior followed by credit card fraud.

You have everything you need to put Dennis Muracco to justice, with a high bond because he has ties in Mexico, all the paperwork associated with this fraud and identity theft, I can not do your job, a suspicious act, for you anymore.

All banks and reporting agencies are on their own. Please sell the debt to the worst, most ruthless debt collector in the world today, I will cherish it forever.

It you go after Dennis Muracco is of absolutely no consequence to me. In fact, thank you Dennis Muracco for your fraud and identity theft which has made me in excess of 60 million dollars, personally, taxes, state and federal paid at the law firm and I celebrated with in the highest settlement ever to be won, in a court of law, not including add on’s. The picture, as I receive the check with the entire staff as a victory for the common man who has been brutalized and humiliated by the bad greed attorney’s and the morbid collection agencies. I thank you.

is, rules and regulations are not laws in any form I can fined. They are merely EULA’s, but it, fill out the form, agree to use or disagree to use in which case the product is sent back. 

If the profile don’t fit you must quit.

The end of it is, there will be 11 letters going out the front today, saying just about that.

As you can see other than lack of sleep, not my fault, I’m not worried at all.

As the consumer advocate asked me, what would be a fair price for dissolution of this case, I said, are you talking to me.There is no figure I would accept at this point in time. The figures above is merely a teardrop in a rainstorm.You absolutely know what I can do and what I am capable of, legitimately and following the law and statutes of this great country my friend will preside over, until, the next Trump in line takes command, President Trump.

I ask you. I have a figure in mind that is non negotiable for the harm lotions 11 have caused me. The information is included above, no calculator needed, just use the two figures as the start, growing each day.

If the federal government goes after you, lotions 11, I will testify on their behalf.

Fraud Department

American Express Power Awards Personal

PO Box 10886-5019

El Paso, TX 79998-1535

Fraud Department

American Express Blue for Business

PO Box 15019

Wilmington, DE 19886-5019

Fraud Department

Hilton Honors by American Express

P.O. Box 981535

El Paso, TX 79998-1535

Fraud Department

Bank of America

PO Box 24118

Tampa, FL 33622-5118

Fraud Department

Chase Card Services

PO Box 15298

Wilmington, DE 19850-5298

Fraud Department

Discover Financial Services

PO Box 30943

Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0943

Fraud Department


PO Box 740241

Atlanta, GA 30374-024

Fraud Department


P.O. Box 2000
Chester, PA 19016-2000

Fraud Department


PO Box 9790

Fullerton, CA 92634-6790

Business Advantage Cash Rewards

Dennis Muracco

311 9947 4283 

4283 832


Valid through 10-20


Dennis Muracco

110 Potter Street

Dunmore, PA  18152

Fraud Department

American Express Cash

Dennis Muracco

3725 527707 11000

Front 8773 back 555

11.20   00

Dennis Muracco’s word is worth absolutely nothing to anyone. “I give you my word” among many other stock phrases he will constantly use. As I call the the list furniture wholesaler’s like CTC to name one, merchants of things not connected to one another, the building he leases,  luxury charges, vacations, restaurant charges of $2000, people get ticked off. They want to help, preparing video media for each and every in person and ATM charge Dennis Muracco has made for law enforcement use. I notify them in the future there may be chargebacks due to fraud and identity theft from eight banks, credit card companies and credit reporting agencies which may hurt their credit rating as well. Each of these entities has a one million dollar bond/insurance policy in case they do harm to me. It is put that simply. These insurance policies I’ve found are in my name. They are my property with no permission to put me in danger by anyone from the point it became public knowledge. Since I am the plaintiff and all the above named companies and over 200 people that have first hand knowledge are defendants until an appointed legal judge says different. I can not proceed further until a signed certified subjugation is handed to me. Don’t forget, thus far, I have done all banks work and all reporting agencies work. I need all 11 entities to report “a suspicious incident” to law enforcement. I also require 24/7 protection from Blackwell for any incidents you have rekindled. I filed a specific complaint against Chase / Slate Financial Services for willingly with malice did break HIPPA Laws by informing the Johnson City Police Department who mentioned Chase Bank by name, Medicaid who push a button on Adult Protection Services willfully, with malice and intent broke the most highest bond in this land of releasing private data. I have given Chase Bank Financial Fraud the details via USPS mail plus the aforementioned certified letter of no call, no contact, yet you broke the privacy of my medical private data which was filing a false local police report as well as federal HIPPA Laws with Medicaid and Adult Protective Services who mentioned Chase Bank by name, exactly what they said to them, date and time. In addition of violation of federal laws, none of the information was the least bit close to the truth. Two filed documents to state and federal authorities based on lies. This occurred during the month of July, 2019. It is a matter of record both by digital media and notes floating everywhere. It has been one year plus, you have still not dealt with Dennis Muracco, why. You have no authority to enforce anything. Your EULA’s, rules and regulations are just suggestions, especially without any signed contracts or attempts by myself to beg for credit. This is not a law until it has not been done. Banks, credit card companies and reporting agencies have not done this. It will be considered in the same category as not reporting a cash transactions of $5000. $3000 if it put through the United States Postal System.

It does become law when Homeland Security finds out that all the acts reported in the last year have not been reported by American Express Fraud Department, Bank of America Fraud Department, Chase Fraud Department, Discover Fraud Department, Lowe’s / Synchrony Bank Fraud Department.

​​​​​​I did run across one transaction from a jewelry store known as Steve Pronk Jewelers. I knew Dennis Muracco had ran a credit card through SP’s ATM. I did know he was a friend of Dennis Muracco. I knew Dennis Muracco sent me a fraudulent text falsely impersonating Steve Pronk Jewelers. I asked a question, how on earth is it possible for a jewelry transaction to come out to exactly $3000. Dennis Muracco falsely impersonated a business in three texts messages. Dennis Muracco could not help himself. He had to tell me it was him which I knew from the start. I don’t know if the four people in him I talked to the last time I saw him were real to him or not but if was clearly apparent to me.

​​​​​​Dennis Muracco has recorded conversations without the knowledge of the persons recorded by wire and/or personal conversations without their knowledge. PA law states wiretapping including personal conversation and video’s must be known by all parties.  I have in writing, first hand from Dennis Muracco that he does this all the time. Included are personal conversations. Pictures of females. More complications occur when the one number fits all cell phone number is brought over state lines, namely NY, using a PA cell number Dennis Muracco uses.

In Pennsylvania, it is a felony of the third degree to intentionally intercept, endeavor to intercept, or get any other person to intercept any wire, electronic, or oral communication without the consent of all the parties. 18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 5703(1).

Under the current statutory language, consent of all parties is required to tape a conversation. 18 Pa.Cons. Stat. § 5704. Consent is not required of any parties if the parties do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy for their non-electronic communication. 

Anyone whose communication has been unlawfully intercepted can recover actual damages in the amount of $100 per day of violation or $1,000, whichever is greater, and also can recover punitive damages litigation costs, and attorney fees. 18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 572.

Don’t Talk To Police

A lawyer / professor and a former cop do seminars together. The both agree. The cop shows, given equal time why all people are fools.

Don’t Talk To Police - The Best Investment of Time You’ll Ever Make - 45 Minutes

It was really nice to find that according to IRS law, that anyone who does not receive at least a copy of his/her filed tax form can cause an officer of the court can lose his license immediately. Worse, they take his license but where does that leave me, fortunately under the umbrella of Block Advisors who are required to represent me in federal court as high as it goes. In addition, I found that my taxes were not filed until August 1, 2019. Dennis Muracco gave himself for all the work he did on it. A simple, tax payer filled out, single form, no cost. Since Dennis Muracco had better things to do, he did not file my taxes until August 1st, 2019. He gave himself another pat on the back. A real kudo was to pay for the fines, fees, his fee, Block Advisor fees, expenses ?, on a cancelled credit card, American Express Blue for Business, on a closed account which appeared on an American Express Blue for Business statement, about $698. Thanks a lot Denny.

 Dennis Muracco’s credit card fraud is impossible to calculate at this time but we figure ......

American Express Small Business - $15,000 to 19,000

American Express Personal - $15,000

American Express Hilton HHonors Card - $15,000 to 18,000

Bank of America - $39,500.

Bank of America - 2nd Card - $19, 400 to 27,500

Chase - $29,750 to another $3000.

Chase - 2nd Card - $19,4000

Discover Card - $13,000- !5,500 to 19,000

Lowes - Synchrony - $700.

(1) THEFT BY TAKING OR RETAINING POSSESSION OF CARD TAKEN.—A person who takes a credit card from the person, possession, custody, or control of another without the cardholder’s consent or who, with knowledge that it has been so taken, receives the credit card with intent to use it, to sell it, or to transfer it to a person other than the issuer or the cardholder is guilty of credit card theft and is subject to the penalties set forth in s. 817.67(1). Taking a credit card without consent includes obtaining it by conduct defined or known as statutory larceny, common-law larceny by trespassory taking, common-law larceny by trick or embezzlement or obtaining property by false pretense, false promise or extortion.

Dennis Muracco - Home Sweet Home - quite a step up from one week away to living under a bridge one and a half years ago. Every word out of Dennis Muracco’s mouth is a lie. You don’t have to ask, are you telling the truth, because not a word of it is. Do not even give this guy a chocolate brownie. This is almost the last of it because, American Express Blue for Business, Bank of America, Chase Financial Services, Discover Financial Services, Lowe’s / Synchrony, Equifax, Experian, TransUnion decided to declared war. War it will have. Ask Adam Chamberlin or Li Shufu what happened in less than one year and one month later for not only delivering a damaged vehicle with the wrong VIN, causing me to be investigated for insurance fraud easily cleared up on one phone call, yet with an investigator from Geico and you don’t mind if I record this, do you, no, I don’t agree, it’s just a felony for you but let’s talk. No one has gotten that one yet. Mercedes, Audi, and whatever it had gained in that year in now being made in China. In addition, since Li Shufu took the replacement of my car with a new 2019, he gave the order to crush all remaining Smart Car’s. I hate to say it, I told you so. So, American Express, Chase who also violated state and federal HIPPA LAW which would be hard to beat in this country, has that going for them as well, not once, but twice. The Johnson City Police Department naming Chase directly but two days later, made the same call to Medicaid and put itself in the federal law breaking business. In addition I have a belief that the eight banks and three credit reporting agencies are being told to stand down from pursuing their fiduciary responsibilities. This is not a game. State and Federal charges being quelled by the banking industry, federal, Medicaid and Adult Protection Services, federal. Bryan Mahanahan, forgive the spelling but it doesn’t concern me, You will receive a letter tomorrow, you have already received an email. You have also predicted a huge recession coming up. How could you possibly predict that in advance. Wow. Don’t forget that affects everyone on the planet including the guy who started it all, our own, Dennis Muracco. 

President/CEO Muracco Holdings

Dennis Muracco President/CEO Muracco Holdings​​​​​​

​417 Willow St., Dunmore, PA 18512


President at Muracco Holdings LLC, Founder/CEO at

Location: 417 Willow St - Dunmore, PA

Industry: Executive Office - Dennis Muracco - 109 Clubhouse Ln - Scotts Township, PA

Work history: Block Advisors - Wilkes Barre, PA 

Muracco Holdings LLC Presidentsince Mar Founder/CEOsince Oct 2011BCM Solutions Ltd. CFOJan 2006 - Dec 2008General Nutrition Center Regional Sales DirectorJan 2004 - Jan 2007

​​​​​​Courtnie’s Furniture & Mattress - 802 N Main St - Dickson City, PA ​​​​​​


Investments, Online Marketing, Business Planning, Customer Relations, Social Media, Customer Service, Account Management, Entrepreneurship, Sales, Leadership, Marketing Strategy, Small Business, Time Management


  ​​​​​​“Son, I’ve Come To Take You Home.”

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