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Chase Bank has gone over the limit - Robert in Fraud 

Chase Bank Fraud Department - In an effort to harass me, when there is a do not call, do not contact, certified letter stressing a dangerous situation exists between myself and two law enforcement agencies, sent two cops to my door with a new low in fraud investigation. You have to remember I am the person who called in the fraud.

Or, Chase does not want to or have been told to drop it by a government official. Chase Fraud Department told Johnson City police that I was going to commit suicide. Wow. That is even lower than Muracco, but really, not close. 

I went to the Mayor and filed a complaint. I made him go and talk to the Chief of Police, he has no choice. I think whoever was responsible for that one, at Chase, knowing I take, a noise as an eminent home invasion, should be fired. It was a bonehead move. If I need help I go directly to God through Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, I feel sorry of 99% of the planet who won’t stand up for themselves even if there child is in danger.

I am not the type of person who needs attention. Two cop knocks no less. All communication is shut, no calls, no email, no texts. American Express is at $60,000 in do not call law suits. Who on earth is running corporations, caddy’s. 

I now have to hire Blackwater, with a credit card, of course. None of the banks seem to care if bills are paid by the legitimate purchaser but refuse to prosecute a completely guilty schmuck, who with graphs I have proven and still don’t understand, so I’m good.

Plus, they don’t have any problem doing off time jobs. Like my beautiful lawn, the fat cop who was trying to kill me with mean looks. I was burning. I wanted to tell him to get off my lawn, you are leaving indentations on it. My good friends since I was a pup has taught me deescalation, so I didn’t. That makes me invisible. For the workers at Chase, that is not literal, it means to them, I am not there. 

I now have to hire Blackwater, with a credit card, of course. None of the banks seem to care if bills are paid by the purchaser so I’m good.I told you I collected options throughout my life. Money or credit was no good. Now, the US Marshall Service in on speed dial. I will find a retired US Forestry agent that has mandatory retirement at 47, but still has credentials. They are impervious to all laws, state and federal. No search warrant is necessary and they can make you cook the protected fish you just caught, cook it, eat it and shoot you. No warrant required. Chase, you have upped the ante on the danger scale for me. If there were a town in in Afghanistan that hated white people, unarmed, driving a compact car, with signs posted, no Americans allowed, it could not get any worse. I now have to more, hideously embarrassed beat cops on my butt. In less than a year none of you will have anything.

This is an attempt to collect a debt. All information collected will be used against you. This is an attempt to collect criminal informant to be used in Federal court against you. You must provide me with a contract I signed stating I signed it with a first hand knowledge person available to testify, under oath with the penalty of perjury within July, 2019 and not after September 1st, 2019 at 12:01 am.

​​​​​​We can​ not move on from this point under any circumstances under the laws of the United States of America. Step 1: You have not reported a suspicious act to a law enforcement agency under the auspices of the Homeland Security Act. You have not presented a verified statement from a person with first hand knowledge that I ever signed a contract, applied for credit, sent in an application for a credit card, sat with a representative in person with any of your banks, locations, by wire, (fax) or have ever signed anything agreeing to obey a rule, a EULA, or a rule in my life. I have never in my life have read a EULA, you either agree or disagree with a checkbox or you will not be able to use the product you just purchased. No one with the exceptions of academics who have to fill their time in with something will do that. Remember, these are rules, not laws, either state or federal. They are not enforceable or something is wrong with he our Constitution.  

 I will complete due diligence for this egregious section not because I have to but my beliefs compel me to do so.

So to all, , I inform Chase, American Express, Bank of America, Discover Financial Services and Lowes / Synchrony you were taken by a brilliant man, no need to be embarrassed. The problem with being brilliant, the bulb dims some day, not including the one point at the peak which makes brilliant translate to moron.  

I will do all I can to make sure Dennis Muracco is behind bars or institutionalized for his past and who he will take down in the future. Since none of you have even done the first required, federal and state law of, reporting a suspicious act, you can move past that hurdle to the next and the next, so on.

Chase as well as all other banks, debt collectors and lawyers who are debt collectors, collection “agencies” will sue all of you for fraud and breech, unless informed by a person with first hand information, tells such debt collector, this debt and all it includes, has flaws which can not be circumvented and may get you as a defendant in a real criminal court

The debt has flaws so it can not be collected, please understand this, you won’t be able to. The legitimate user can not be sued, called, emailed or texted because The rules that go out in US mail, not even first class but bulk mail include, fraud by using the United States Postal System, None of we as financial “institutions” have not completed step one in a discovery request including chain of custody because none of us have the first requirement of a signed contract with services never requested, asked for with no contract and no signature plus you will never get past subrogation.

We can not move from the very first requirement and neither will you. Now some sharp dude will never hear you say this because you won’t will buy the debt for 1 cent, probably way less, on the dollar, see something is drastically wrong, buy it, then sue all banks and credit card companies for fraud and breech. Next, they will go on to the credit card reporting companies, the most useless pile I have ever seen. A sharp guy will sue Equifax for collusion, reporting facts that are not, have no first hand information who is the owner of the other two.

 Money, power, women, abuse of authority, grow green with rust. They forgot to save options, more commonly, the most important rule, seek wisdom, buy it at every opportunity, hide it away for all else is worth nothing and useless.

​​​​​​Back to B​business- Next order of:

We can not move from this point until a signed, certified subrogation is submitted. It is my right and your legal responsibility. The bond is mine, taken out in my name by at this point, increased to the maximum because of Dennis Muracco, for harming me. There will be no legalese acceptable by a prosecutor to deviate from that point and a waste of the court’s time, efforts, fees, according to American’s with Disability’s Act. The Credit Reform Act Plus all countless statutes and laws.

  Dennis Muracco is on his own and Dennis Muracco is your target.

We can not move on from this point until the matter of subrogation is finished. I am the creditor, all of you, are now defendants for doing irreparable harm to me. While this will be frowned on by all people who make a living, brutalizing the poor, 99% of the population do not even answer the summons.

They are convinced by a piece of paper with some high and mighty old English words, costing less than a penny total, including ink by malicious, exuberant living unforgiving do this every second of the day, twisting the legal system to their advantage. There is no end run from your problem of Dennis Muracco.

It’s the law and you all know this. It’s too bad that the horde of people that you frighten, give sleepless nights to, the elderly whom you abuse, the children who are affected, scared and scarred is an incorrigible act of harm.

All who are called and compelled to testify under oath under penalty of perjury must have first hand information and chain of custody documents, as to the person’s first hand knowledge of all that took place prior to Dennis Muracco and after Dennis Muracco to present. That number is over 200 individuals.

If the profiles don’t fit, you must quit.

Profile 1: One is conservative, living within my means, debts paid on time, never missed, never late, often early, no interest ever paid, as per Equifax, for 28 years which continues to present, on all cards that are mine, with an former 850 FICO score. That score brought down by the illegal activities of Dennis Muracco to 703.

Dennis Muracco will never have credit of his own as long as he lives, no matter what shady deal he makes and no matter what political figure he knows, or any civil or criminal case he has tried in federal court against the best lawyers the IRS had to offer. Dennis Muracco’s words, not mine. His record in court which draws crowds when seen in the legal section of the Scranton Times. 803 to 0 against the IRS in criminal and civil cases. According to first hand words from Dennis Muracco’s mouth.

Profile 2: Profile 2, owned by Dennis Muracco are credit cards used fraud and Identity Theft, all credit cards over limit, maxed out, little or no payment made, often missed, always late. All bank personnel who knew this and computers programmed to flag suspicious activity did not raise a single red flag. You should have saw this end coming but the greed in your executives are way beyond hubris.

I deny everything associated with Dennis Muracco as I have 18 months ago. Shame on you all. All banks, credit cards and credit reporting agencies have failed their legal fiduciary responsibilities.​​​​​​

​​​​​​If the profiles don’t fit, you must settle and quit

Profile 1 exhibits a person who lives within the rules

Profile 2 exhibits a person who is a pathological liar, who committed fraud, identity theft, elder abuse, extortion, kidnapping, hostage taking, owns two hand guns, one I have seen, the other a Glock .380 which I have not seen. Dennis Muracco is the owner of all accounts due to a law which states that a user who has not made a charge in over a year makes the user now an owner.

​​​​​​This is a simple concept and should be understood by all. I do not have to do this. I do not have to help you but you harmed and damaged me, at this point not as much as Dennis Muracco but not the less willfully have been complicit for some reason not pursuing Dennis Muracco on civil and criminal charges. The truth with come now or a year from now. By not admitting and taking care of the debt Dennis Muracco owes is just making matters worse.​

Dennis Muracco has recorded conversations without the knowledge of the person recorded by wire or personal conversations without their knowledge. PA law states wiretapping including personal conversation and video’s must be known by all parties.  I have in writing, first hand from Dennis Muracco that he does this all the time. Included are personal conversations. More complications occur when that phone number, 570-718-7430. is brought over state lines, namely NY, using the PA cell number he always uses.

In Pennsylvania, it is a felony of the third degree to intentionally intercept, endeavor to intercept, or get any other person to intercept any wire, electronic, or oral communication without the consent of all the parties. 18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 5703(1).

Under the current statutory language, consent of all parties is required to tape a conversation. 18 Pa.Cons. Stat. § 5704. Consent is not required of any parties if the parties do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy for their non-electronic communication. 

Anyone whose communication has been unlawfully intercepted can recover actual damages in the amount of $100 per day of violation or $1,000, whichever is greater, and also can recover punitive damages litigation costs, and attorney fees. 18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 572.

Dennis Muracco is the sole purchaser, sole ATM cash withdrawer, on all reported fraud and identity theft of all cards he possesses. It amazes me that the merchants I am reporting fraud, are finding each transaction on video preparing them for law enforcement. 

I am notifying each and every fraud, identity theft charge to every store, vendor and business associate of Dennis Muracco. As a 28 year old customer of the above mentioned banks, I should not have to do when even the suspicion of fraud is present.

Yesterday I contacted a friend of Dennis Muracco, Steve Pronko. Steve Pronko is a friend of Dennis Muracco. Dennis Muracco did a fraudulent purchase at Steve Pronko’s jewelry store. Steve Pronko didn’t know I knew he was Dennis Muracco’s friend. I asked how could a complex jewelry transaction come to an even $3000. Steve Pronko wrote an email back that he will do everything he could to track the transaction and bring the person to justice. Steve Pronko ran across the street and told Dennis Muracco that someone is on to the money laundering.

If the profiles don’t fit, you must quit. Profiles are when two or more spending patterns are so out of proportion that a brand new employee in the fraud department can spot them. All your fraud detection failed to notice. It the profiles don’t fit, you must quit.

This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any and all information will be used against you.

Dennis Muracco is my Block Advisor.

Dennis Muracco is my tax attorney. Dennis Muracco is my tax preparer. Dennis Muracco is under the umbrella of Block Advisors. Dennis Muracco made several payments to Block Advisors in the amount of $296. for no reason of payment on a fraud and identity credit card.

Dennis Muracco has broken a cardinal law of not filing my tax forms until August 1, 2018. He never sent me a copy of my federal and state tax forms as Dennis Muracco was supposed to as an officer of the court. Minimum fines, damages include the loss of his IRS license to engage in ever preparing anyone’s tax forms again.

Dennis Muracco has all my personal information, having all information to be me and sole payer of any and all credit cards.

At the request of American Express Blue for Business, American Express Blue for Cash, Hilton Honors, Bank of America, Chase / Slate, Discover, Lowe’s, Synchrony, Equifax, Experian Victim Services, Experian, TransUnion, this requested information is available for their use. Dennis Muracco has made it impossible to address all the fraud and Identity Theft you have perpetrated. This will be updated regularly.

Dennis Muracco 109 Clubhouse Ln, Scotts Township, PA  570-718-7430

Owned by Motty and Patti Chen, last Lackawanna County filing

Courtnie's Furniture. 902 N Main Ave, Dickson City, PA 18519  570-382-8173

Block Advisors, 233 Northern Blvd, Clarks Summit, PA 18411 

Dennis Muracco requests, his words, “direct all calls about credit cards to me.” So, “call my tax attorney Dennis Muracco in regards to all requests concerning his credit cards with the above banks.” You may also want to search your records for his address which you all have been sending statements to for months and months.

All Banks and credit card card companies have changed card numbers on their own, by their in house rules. We are playing your game by my rules.

These are the last dates I personally, as a user made on the cards Dennis Muracco stole. In the case of Capital One, I did not make a single charge. There is no activity by me in one case since 2017. The rest for over a year. These cards should have gone inactive after a year, they did not.

I am a user who has not used any of Dennis Muracco’s cards for well over a year, in one case, Lowe’s / Synchrony, never.

American Express Blue for Business       3715 427000 63003, 4, 8.           11-2018   Payment $293.00  0 Balance

       American Express Personal Cash           3725 527707 11004, 11008                           01-11-2017 Payment 39.25    0 Balance

   Hilton Honors American Express.                     3713  421654 41004.                            11-05-2018   Payment 180.00  0 Balance

        Bank of America                                        4802 6311 9947 4283 / 6096 / 7027                      09-26-2018   Payment 15.29  0 Balance

Bank of America Rewards         42139723 0395 7743 / 6467          12-10-2018     Payment 182.00   0 Balance

Chase/Slate        4266 8412 1595 6127        12-10-2018    Payment 44.37        0 Balance

Discover Financial Cash Back Bonus     6011 0022 6352 0680   11-05-2018   Payment 42.12  0 Balance

Lowes / Synchrony Bank         819 2433 585833 8   Payment   Never used  0 Balance

Banks and credit cards did no due diligence, Eqifax, Experian Victim Services, Experian, did not comply with their fiduciary responsibilities, have not obeyed federal law, involved themselves in collusion with Dennis Muracco by the simplest requirement of never reporting a suspicious act, since first reported over 18 months later.

With all my information, Dennis Muracco may have made himself Power of Attorney over all my credit cards ?

Dennis Muracco sent a voice mail in which he said he never had any intent to pay, pay either the minimum or any payments at all.

“We will launch a full investigation and put the guy (Dennis Muracco) behind bars where he belongs so he can not hurt anyone else. If it’s any consolation, you are not the first. Get some sleep and I’m am sorry this happened.” A quote from the only person at any credit card company or bank who saw the whole picture painted nearly instantly.

The rest of the people involved in the banks and the credit cards involved was like teaching kindergarten kids, the is a, look at and find all the a’s, that means if the profile’s don’t fit, you must quit. The staggering nature of the charts from their secure websites, are this person a played by federal, state and the varying rules of banks which change monthly and seriously mean nothing for 28 years, $137,000 dollars of unsecured credit with cards I never begged for, filled out an application for or ever signed one single document for, who sent active cards to me despite all these factual, PROVE IT, forms and requirements, no identification, nothing, FICO of 850, never paying interest, the guy who started it ending in a single bill of Dennis Muracco with Bank or America, two credit cards, called in put hard upper limit of credit lines, froze cards, then closed all the cards associated with Dennis Muracco still on June 20-24, raised the limit, $10,000 to $30,000 and did willfully, with foreknowledge of statues read to me in three weeks of meetings to determine his health and welfare, decided not to end Dennis Muracco and shut him down.

On that one day, he ran his embossed card, with a chip and mag strip holding all data in an over limit credit card, raised against federal law on a closed account and canceled card with a phone call $10,000 putting himself in the jackpot of Homeland Security. Dennis Muracco ran his card through his business, Courtnie's Furniture, 902 N Main Ave, Dickson City, PA, in the amount of over $7000, a special figure for Dennis Muracco, willfully and intentionally stole cash from an ATM machine while the account was closed, with a cancelled card, through his own ATM, while haven’t all in all paid a single payment, did break federal law, state law, Homeland Security regulations and is now on the cusp many felonies

​Dennis Muracco

You have harmed me irrevocably, destroyed me financially and harmed me beyond my ability to absorb. Happy in my ‘70’s, loving the most conservative life style imaginable while Dennis Muracco lives off credit cards obtained by knowing all personal information about me because he is my tax attorney, my tax preparer, under the umbrella of Block Advisors.

He used my 28 year old standing of never missing a payment, never being late on a payment\, always paying early and avoiding paying any interest at all, vaporized my FICO Score of 850 down to 703. Dennis Muracco you will inherit this debt only much larger.It will cripple you Dennis Muracco.

Using my cheap interest rates which were grandfathered, since all banks sent me card after card pre-activated, unsecured, no contract ever signed, no chain of custody, never mailed nor dropped off  Or ever never requested. You must verify that you have at least a copy of my signature on a contract. You won’t because I would hope I am not that stupid. If this isn’t clear, quite simply, you must prove the debt with first hand witnesses, with a signed contract, first hand living souls, who will swear under oath and penalty of perjury that what you claim is truth.

Plus the fact, in for one, in for all, filed with malice and forethought did file a false police report, a felony in the state of NY

Make sure the prosecutor has had direct first hand knowledge of verifying these debts completely, from 28 years ago to present, you will have to provide me with copies of all and then I get to sue all of you. One high end contingency law firm with bring all to ground in less or slightly more that one year. All banks and card companies must have first hand knowledge and be completely familiar with the work of Dennis Muracco. 

Dennis Muracco, it will be you that has to do the time, not someone else. It doesn’t matter if I am still here or called home, it is you debt and I have always said, I will not pay one cent of Dennis Muracco’s debt. On a voicemail Dennis Muracco said this is the way I always planned it. Absolute minimum payments or no payments at at while getting as much cash from the project as you could. It did not surprise me one bit. I was abused, your senior by 31 years. No respect for yourself, no care for other’s collateral damage, it’s all mine, all mine. Yes, Dennis Muracco, it is all yours.

At my stage of disability and health, all banks and credit cards left it up to me to contact all of Dennis Muracco's friends with ATM's or point of purchase machines, the banks failing their fiduciary responsibilities, the credit card companies lack of acting on fraud and identity theft, kidnapping, hostage taking, elder abuse, extortion, identity theft, your refusal to notify a law enforcement agency which is required by law under Homeland Security you have all chosen this path for yourself. Notice I never use the word alleged. I have Dennis Muracco on voicemail gloating over the fact from the very beginning he had no intent to pay nor the ability to pay. If that isn’t clear enough Dennis Muracco did not ever need a computer. He just used the phone. So, have fun together. All of you have certified letters of do not call, do not contact. My accounts are fully paid as they have been for the last 28 years. American Express has racked up $15,000 in do not call fines, including four this past Sunday.

Dennis Muracco is my tax attorney and tax advisor

I deny any charges, ATM withdrawals, purchases, fraud with Dennis Muracco’s friends, his friends in partnership, his male live in, ATM fraud for cash, move money, listed on all bank websites, we all call it, money laundering or and all, any criminal activity he has ever or will engaged in, forever and a day.

As an individual I can not ever quit, It is built in. You picked the wrong person, Dennis Muracco. 

This requested by Dennis Muracco’s Banking and Credit Card friends as I told them would happen to deal with the large amount of fraud, elder abuse, extortion, kidnapping, hostage taking, holding hostages at high value to prevent what was inevitable, here is the information requested by you,

This is an attempted to collect a debt. Any and all information collected will be used against all, in an ongoing criminal enterprise under the


In addition when the largest, contingency law firm comes after you, they will be taken all assets which I do not think the government or citizens of the United States will be willing to pay for a second time, world system brought down in one hour or not.

You have not done one simple law you are required to perform, report a suspicious act to a law enforcement agency. This is a requirement I have spread over all the employee’s and escalations. It is the start and finish of doing the wrong criminal act.


American Express Blue for Business, American Express Personal and Hilton Honors by American Express you have been warned you are on a federal do not call list. At present, your banks have been placed on my federal do not call list as of July 24, 25, 26, 2019. You have accrued a total, including the call in the am of 8-20-2019 $22,500 in fines.

Proof of Debt

All credit card card companies listed please stop and think before your next call or idiotic letter. I am demanding proof that I contracted for a credit card in the first place. All must provide at least a copy of the contract I signed with the original company when you took upon yourselves to send out live, active credit cards with fat credit lines. Is it your burden to prove that I was the person that signed for the fraud and identity theft. Dennis Muracco is the person you go after.

You don’t have that proof, do you. I didn’t even have to ask that question because I would never sign a contract for a card under any circumstances. In fact, you gave me the money with no expectation of payment. Right, right. I might buy a new car on one tomorrow. It’s your tab. You have harmed in the last days of my life so much, it is not enjoyable to live anymore. I will take care care of Dennis Muracco because he at a level of burden that no money can take care of.

I haven’t even got started, don’t believe me. Prove it. Prove it. Prove it.

If you don’t have the whip, don’t threaten to crack it, you might lose an eye or a knee or someone might smack it. Get it on.

Debt collectors, make sure you require this proof before you buy the debt make sure that it is even legitimate even if you pay 1% of the total or much less, it is worthless because the credit cards were not requested, I did not need credit, I never abused credit, it is unsecured so you are wasting your time and mine. You will end up suing the original company for selling you an uncollectible debt. Go to court at your risk making me the plaintiff and we are getting really close to that point of aggravation. I am warming up in the pitcher’s mound and batter’s knee box. I am getting ticked. Every day that goes by I get more ticked. You ruined perhaps my last most beautiful summer. The original bank of the carelessly sent cards out to people who don’t sign anything, you run a huge risk of exposure in court. Remember everything has to have a first hand person testify and a chain of evidence document.

I really encourage you to sign up. I will take care of Dennis Muracco at a time when I’m not feeling well.


He admitted his plan was to take as much of the credit, you, as the defendant, extended him, paying minuscule payments which were allowed by your representatives on cancelled cards, way over the line of credit with a hard limit, all accounts closed, sometimes amounting to nothing at all to $60 on his debt of $130,000 to whatever upper limit Dennis Muracco has tricked you into making.

I never received any statements. They were all going to Dennis Muracco’s home throughout Lackawanna County, PA. I have never consented to on line statements. As Bank of America said this past week of 8-12-2019, a recession is coming. The fact that they want everything digital is not for any save the trees, save the planet purpose, no one can do that.

It is for someday, when the entire records of each and every bank in the world will be wiped with no record on paper to prove anything. Kind of like pulling down building 7 which contained all the dirty deeds this country has done.

Is there any doubt,  just viewing Dennis Muracco, his plan, his dream, his ambition and what Dennis Muracco did, completely barred from any credit, with all he owns under LLC’s or family members names.

You must start to pierce the corporate veil. You will see, he is the sole person in every instance of every shell. I must have all that information verified and validated in a signed certified subrogation document.

All entities have failed in their fiduciary responsibilities. Dennis Muracco literally made you all look like morons he is. Dennis Muracco can not hurt me or harm me more than he already has. All banks can not hurt me more than they already have. All credit cards companies can not harm me anymore that they have. All must now pay, rapidly. I don’t know at this point from minute to minute what will or could happen. That harms me more especially having that gene of no fear of anything slipping through the family genetics. I am the only one in a huge family that got it plus everyone else’s portion.

Dennis Muracco has admitted this, recorded on digital media, texts and emails on the night of July 19th, 20th, 24th and 26th, 2019.

Dennis Muracco included, he had no intent from the very beginning of his scam directed toward me, for no reason at all, of paying anything on his sole purchases, ATM cash withdrawals, fraud, extortion, gifts in cash to friends and moving cash or moved cash according to your online accounts.

Dennis Muracco renovated his luxurious country home, extravagantly furnished with huge high end accoutrements on seven to eleven high end, high credit limit cards. Extensive home improvements, on the country villa, even to the point of putting pool supplies on his Lowe’s credit card.

Dennis Muracco used his credit cards to float his failing furniture store with inventory which has damaged me for one and a half gruesome years. Watching a perfect 850 FICO, gone down to a sickening level. He must have felt that I needed to share that with him. However, I did not. I pay my debts on time, never miss and often early. The profiles are so high end and low end thank you to all banks and credit cards who do not know the meaning of close the account, now. You failed in every facet of your fiduciary responsibilities while I did my due diligence.

Your banks have not given me a second of help with proof than is undeniable. Also proving that Dennis Muracco knows your system, inside and out, better than anyone in your employ. Your banks have caused me to hate your despicable sham of indignity.

Dennis Muracco, American Express Blue for Business, American Express Personal, Hilton Honors, Bank of America, Bank of America Awards, Chase / Slate, Discover Cash Back Bonus, Synchrony Bank, Lowe’s, Equifax, TransUnion Victim Services, TransUnion and Experian have caused me inextricable pain and harm, mentally, physically with extreme hideous brutality.

I demand all banks and credit card companies above send a certified legal subrogation to my real address of 40 years, which is my right and your responsibility under the law.

It is also the law which you know well and are skirting. I will never lay down nor give up until Jesus calls me home. I want everyone I’ve talked to for 500 hours to wake with name and go to sleep with it, long after I’m gone.

You have caused me distress and constant suffering, ever increasing pain from my disabilities and a severe drop in my health.

I am done and above is all you need. I don’t need to bring anything but myself, a man and a living soul to court.

I will not fill out forms but will answer all legally served summons I receive. I have done due diligence. I deny all debt that Dennis Muracco has incurred in his own name, irrevocably proven.

I have filed a police complaint through Scott Township’s 911 system. Dennis Muracco's jurisdiction.

I have filed a complaint with the FTC. It is numbered and unlike the banking system they will do a thorough investigation. 

Don’t Talk To Police

A lawyer / professor and a former cop do seminars together. The both agree. The cop shows, given equal time why all people are fools.

Don’t Talk To Police - The Best Investment of Time You’ll Ever Make - 45 Minutes

Financial Institutions

Reporting suspicious activity to authorities: Financial institutions should promptly report suspected exploitation to relevant federal, state, and local authorities, regardless of whether reporting is mandatory or voluntary under state or federal law. Banks and credit unions can work closely with local Adult Protective Services and law enforcement to enhance prevention and response efforts, including expediting document requests and providing them at no charge.


Even with the small amount of information I’ve given all of you, anyone could choose one of two living souls as the responsible party. Also if a suspicious act has not yet been reported according to federal law, Homeland Security will step in in a real criminal investigation.  I have never asked for, applied for, begged for, signed for or received any of the above within those circumstances. No one can arbitrarily make federal law without going through Congress therefore there is no such thing as mandatory arbitration unless you have the whole of Congress on the Board of Directors.

I have put all banks and credit cards in a federal do not call list. American Express the prime offender so far has, even on a Sunday. That is $20,000. Including today’s calls. I don’t even get them anyway. Send me a USPS Money Order Immediately.

I started out and always continued and will continue to deny all charges, purchases, ATM transactions, receiving cash and using the ATM's of “friends with businesses for cash” solely done by Dennis Muracco. Dennis Muracco has been your problem since 2017. Don’t be crybabies, deal with him to the extreme upper end of the law or be forced to when it will hit the major papers and all the rags will grab the ruthless, panty wearing executive story as well. Now or later. It’s yours choice. I will not be satisfied until Dennis Muracco is in federal prison to pay back his complete and utter disdain for someone who loved him, his Dad. There isn’t that kind of love in this world. There is a lot of hatred though. Or, I am the only one harmed to an extent beyond imagination. Was this one of four personality brutally taking his vengeance on just me ? Far worse.

Dennis Muracco has run his, all eleven. embossed with his name, encrypted on the chop of all cards, nine to eleven in total, through his own business. It is marked as money moved, moved money by all your banks, online. Everyone else calls it money laundering. 

It is unreasonable to ask any living soul to believe that a store who is it's own best customer with no other customers, could exist. Unless their was a side business to support the main business. There is no way that Dennis Muracco could keep his furniture store alive except by taking cash from his business machine and friend’s with point of purchase machines in cash. Claiming his pay as $10 to $19 with two Block Advisor locations now in the off season until January, an hour could not even pay the building lease which leaves us one alternative. I am getting friggin bored, I want to do something.

Moving Cash Not Furniture. Dennis Muracco always uses the same phrases. Being a brilliant shining star, completely over educated, in a market which is full of Forensic Accountants is going to make it tough this year. Especially when you were talking about Sheetz opening for a forensic accountant and didn’t get the job, you juxtaposed your boss for their boss. You are flawless Dennis Muracco.

One piece of truth is real, the $130,000 to however more the banks gave him in my name, in cash, for his own personal use. Illegal with straw purchases. Dennis Muracco will say, I know what I’m doing. Dennis Muracco told the truth once. Stealing cash from eight to unknown cards, using it to get his house that has been “in the family for years.” Outfitting it with some of the best stuff he could buy through his store Courtnie’s at container wholesale prices. One piece, if you noticed it, is a bamboo, bed with all kinds of cushions and air and floaters and cost him on his cards at wholesale $3000. Dennis Muracco put all purchases on his cards, including fees, fines and late payments with the IRS on my behalf using card number 6096. He wrote me I took care of it at my expense. Huh ? Loss of IRS license. It should be immediately revoked.

Still interested in Steve Proko, one of the fraud charges on one of the cards for an even $3000.

Block Advisors

I want to know why I didn’t get a copy of my 2018 taxes until Dennis Muracco filed them on August 1st, 2019. That is sticking is my

More than that I want to know why the charges of not making enough money to file at all this year was filed that late with all those fees, charges, fines. I really want to know why it ended up on one of his card, 6096 as a fraud, Identity Theft payment. You have really got my goat. I am screaming burning angry at the whole fraudulent bunch of you crooks, There is no difference between all the fraud on the bank cards and the banks themselves. You will all be out of business, in jail or institutionalized in less than one year. Promise.

Look at his country mansion with a gorgeous swimming pool in the back. Matti and Patti Chen have a pic of that same scene. That will be my house with him paying all taxes for whatever life I have left. Then, all credit cards with super high interest rates, not my grandfathered interest rates from 28 years ago but interest will suited to what he tried to do to me. It will be in his and his families lap, completely able to pay off the cards now but next year, one year from now, he will find even a brilliant person can be a total moron. All will be saddled with another embarrassment, not like last time but bigger. Plus time is past, no one will do your time for you. I am sure he regrets it to this day. The family most probably knows nothing of what he has done. They will soon.

Dennis Muracco, what I hated most was being with you, having to hold back in our no pay meetings. When you wanted to do illegal that was the end regardless. Then, you said, I got them all for enough, I am going to move on, I’m done with you. Something is wrong with me, I push people away. Dennis Muracco, after you have drained them dry and only then do you “push” them away.

Dennis Muracco, not only encrypted in the chip but also the mag stripe on the back of the card. Any cards that came through with identical pins, I legally changed them according to state and federal law which always overwrote the same pin with a new one on the chip and mag stripe with the next physical use of the card.

Notice I never use alleged because it is truth backed up with 500 hours plus or minus of my calls, Dennis Muracco’s excuses, making calls without me, three way conference calls who approved your activities, greasing them for higher credit lines, on frozen, closed, canceled credit cards by wire over state lines after time makes Dennis Muracco the sole owner of the accounts he used and abused. All banks knowing these cards are solely Dennis Muracco’s, in his name, with his address on the account. Dennis Muracco is the sole purchaser and payer on all accounts he has. Mine were destroyed or rubber banded, put into a safe, never to be used again. 

One year and a half of your pathological lying did me so much harm I would not be able to contain it but for my beliefs.

Dennis Muracco, one of the last text’s you wrote me, “don’t worry, the money has been to good use” did not go by me. You could not help yourself. You are a brilliant man.

All the emails, notes and phones calls will be put up at a later date. Dennis Muracco, I know the credit card companies and banks are going to be compelled to pierce the corporate veil on all your LLC’s.

. With you and your compatriots being the only people involved. Knowing you as well as I do, it will qualify you for an ongoing criminal enterprise under the RICO Act.

Please notice I have never used alleged because everything is the truth as humanly, living soul, proof. Backed up by digital media with each bank you called and also the promissory notes, the signatures, the 15 rules of engagement you broke in two weeks. I have to end you. If you do the immerse amount of absolute perverted harm which you didn’t think I could take, your next victim might die from a heart attack or stroke. Dennis Muracco, I can not allow that.

There is a distinct possibility, Dennis Muracco may have reached out to friends in Washington, DC. If any knowledge is found, first hand, that a federal official in President Trump’s cabinet, without President Trump’s knowledge, may have made calls to bank executives from the highest level of the federal government to intervene on Dennis Muracco’s behalf I will use this information against you in federal court.

If any party has any interest, employment or relationship with any of the companies below, you must recuse yourself. All companies below have leaked everything about me as well and could make you co-conspirator’s.

New York State Electric and Gas Billing and Experimental Center in my city lost all customers data. Old school, a janitorial service took all the hard drives and walked out of a secured building. NYSEG handles billing for all upstate New York. Adobe, Ameritrade, AOL, 2004, 2006, 2014 Apple 2013, AT&T, 2008, 2010, Bank of America, Barnes and Noble,Capital One, 2019, Card Systems Solutions, Inc ( MasterCard, Visa, Discover Financial Services and American Express, Citigroup, 2005, 2011, 2013, Cox Communications, Crescent Health Inc., Walgreens, CVS, Data Processors International, MasterCard, Visa, Discover Financial Services and American Express, US Department of Homeland Security, Domino's Pizza, Dropbox, Dun & Bradstreet, eBay, Eqifax, Evernote, Experian - T- Mobile US, Facebook, 2013, 2018, 2019, 2019, Gap, Inc., Gmail, Google Plus, Hewlett-Packard, Hilton Hotels, Home Depot, Honda, Hyatt Hotels, Internal Revenue Service, JP Morgan Chase, 2010, 2014, LexisNexis, LinkedIn, eHarmony,,, Marriott International, Massachusetts Government, NASDAQ, 7-11, US Medicaid, Mozilla, NASDAQ, 2014, Network Solutions, Quora, Reddit, Sony Online Entertainment,  Sony Pictures, 2011, 2014, Target Corporation, TD Ameritrade, Twitter, Ubisoft, 2013, 2013, Ubuntu, UPS, USPS, U.S Law Enforcement, Verizon Communications, Walmart, V-Tech, Washington Post, Wendy's, 2016, 2015, WordPress 2018, Yahoo, 2013, 2014, Zappos,

817.60 Theft; obtaining credit card through fraudulent means.—

(1) THEFT BY TAKING OR RETAINING POSSESSION OF CARD TAKEN.—A person who takes a credit card from the person, possession, custody, or control of another without the cardholder’s consent or who, with knowledge that it has been so taken, receives the credit card with intent to use it, to sell it, or to transfer it to a person other than the issuer or the cardholder is guilty of credit card theft and is subject to the penalties set forth in s. 817.67(1). Taking a credit card without consent includes obtaining it by conduct defined or known as statutory larceny, common-law larceny by trespassory taking, common-law larceny by trick or embezzlement or obtaining property by false pretense, false promise or extortion.

Dennis Muracco - Home Sweet Home - quite a step up from one week away to living under a bridge one and a half years ago. 

​​​​​​“Son, I’ve Come To Take You Home.”

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